2009 USKBC Programs and Events





February 26: The U.S.-Korea Business Council and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce held a farewell reception for Korean Ambassador Lee Tae-sik.

April 3: The Council, in partnership with the American Institute of Aerospace and Aeronautics and the Space Enterprise Council, held a briefing on cooperation and business opportunities for the U.S. commercial space industry in Korea. Guest presenters included The Honorable Park Seoung-hyo, Mayor of Daejeon City (Korea); Michael O’Brien, NASA Assistant Administrator for External Relations; Dr. Lee Joo-jin, President of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute; and Dr. Yi So-yeon, Korea’s first astronaut.

June 16: The Council held a CEO roundtable with Korean President Lee Myung-bak in Washington. President Lee was accompanied by members of his cabinet and senior Korean business leaders.

July 23: The Council held a lunch meeting with Korean Ambassador Han Duk-soo in Washington.

November 5: The Council held a business forum on energy policy and green growth in the U.S.-Korea relationship. Guest presenters included Woo Taehee, Director General, Energy Efficiency Bureau, Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

November 5-6: The Council held its 22nd annual plenary meeting and 4th annual gala dinner in Washington DC. Keynote speakers at the plenary included Dennis F. Hightower, Deputy Secretary of Commerce; Congressman Adam Smith; Larry Summers, Director of the National Economic Council; Kurt Campbell, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs; Stephen Bosworth, U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Policy; Lee Hyemin, Korean Deputy Minister for Trade/Chief FTA Negotiator; Kang Man-soo, Chairman of the Presidential Committee on National Competitiveness (Korea); and Korean Ambassador Han Duk-soo. The keynote speaker at the gala dinner was The Honorable Ron Kirk, U.S. Trade Representative.



January 14-15: The Council supported the visit of U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue to Seoul, Korea, including meetings with Korean President Lee and other senior Korean government officials and business leaders.

April 10: The Council and the American Chamber of Commerce released Building the U.S.-Korea Economic Partnership, a set of recommendations on U.S.-Korea economic relations to the Obama Administration and U.S. Congress.

November 6: The Council and U.S. Chamber published Failure to Implement the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement: The Cost for American Workers and Companies, an economic study of the costs of inaction on the U.S.-Korea FTA.



January 16: The Council held a briefing with its members in Seoul, Korea to discuss the outlook for U.S.-Korean relations under the Obama Administration and Congress.

March 16: The Council held a briefing with a delegation from Korean Financial Services Commission to discuss current developments in Korea’s economy.

March 27: The Council held a briefing with Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Korea Bryant Trick, and USTR Director for Korea Su-jin Yoo, to discuss recent U.S.-Korea trade consultations.

September 21: The Council held a briefing with its members in Seoul, Korea, to discuss recent policy developments in Washington.

December 2: The Council hosted a meeting with Ignacio Garcia Bercero, the European Commission's chief negotiator for the EU-Korea FTA in Washington.

December 8: The Council held a luncheon discussion with delegation of Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy energy officials, led by Deputy Minister Kim Junggwan, visiting Washington for U.S.-Korean government bilateral consultations on energy policy.



May 7: The Council released its Guide to Doing Business in Korea, an information resource for U.S. business visitors to Korea.