U.S.-Korea FTA

The U.S. and Korean governments signed the U.S.-Korea FTA on June 30, 2007. The most commercially significant U.S. trade deal in more than a decade, the FTA will bring important economic benefits and opportunities to U.S. businesses, farmers, and workers by immediately opening new access for U.S. goods and services in Korea—one of the world's largest and most dynamic economies.

By securing a more open and competitive Korean market, the FTA will boost U.S. exports to and investment in Korea—generating new jobs and economic growth in the United States. By deepening our two countries' economic links, the agreement will bring new energy and vitality to the overall U.S.-Korea partnership—an alliance critical to regional and global security. And by giving U.S. businesses an advantage over global competitors in Korea's market, the FTA will ensure that the United States not only remains competitive in Korea but is a critical part of Asia's rapid market integration.

General Benefits of the FTA

State-by-State Benefits

Sector-Specific Benefits