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U.S.-Korea FTA Business Coalition

The U.S.-Korea Business Council serves as secretariat of the U.S.-Korea FTA Business Coalition.  The Coalition is a broad-based group of U.S. companies, industry organizations, and trade associations working to secure the approval of the U.S.-Korea Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) by Congress and to educate the U.S. public on the important economic benefits of the agreement.  The Council organizes regular meetings and briefings in Washington for Coalition members, and manages Coalition communications and social networking tools to inform online viewers of updates on news, publications, and events related to the KORUS FTA.  It also coordinates grassroots-level educational events in several cities across the United States, including through the U.S.-Korea Partnership series.

U.S.-APEC Business Coalition
U.S.-APEC Business Coalition

The U.S.-Korea Business Council is a member of the U.S. APEC Business Coalition, which was formed to organize the U.S. business community’s engagement in APEC.